Smiling at Strangers- Exquisite Corpse @ Gameshow

| June 13, 2011

Many of you expressed interest in seeing the results of playing Exquisite Corpse, the collaborative sequential narrative game at Gameshow NYC. It’s posted here, with my appreciation to all who participated in its creation. (The  Exquisite Corpse created by participants at my session on ‘The Jester’s Guide to Creative See[k]ing’ can be seen at the post Jester’s Exquisite Corpse.) Questions or comments are, of course, welcome. Enjoy, and thanks.


SMILING AT STRANGERS:* The EXQUISITE CORPSE at GameShow NYC (*Note: Forward slash [/] indicates a new player’s contribution.)

The creative mind, Jung said, plays with the objects it loves. The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct./ Thomas

purchased a dozen eggs from the store. Xena arrived home and made the best omelet ever./ But Frank arrived home

with a different mission…/

the birds outside the house were dexterous, delightful and delirious/ in the joy of life/

is my passion/ fruits—-

crates of them! mmmm – fell from the trees/

comes a sense of time/

Time to dance!/ boogie baby! congratulations! marvelous! Is it a girl?

clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap The Audience was [I am] Astounded/ ‘Sigh’/ she said as she contemplated creativity, imagination & freedom in the world…/

BUT NOT WHAT YOU THOUGHT…/ but something beyond your own imagination  takes flight into the air/

See what’s in front of you then look at what’s not there… Jump for joy? Let’s jump instead for freedom,/ as freedom is greater

than chocolate/ creating… a breath of fresh air against the flow

in which you get sculpted/ TWISTED, SHAPED/ FLOWING, GROWING, STUNNING/ a formidable

peony that just unfurled itself

3 days ago./ Let it all go/

Let your mind go to limitless capacity of the human imagination./

Think great thoughts/ …And if you can’t, pretend!/  you can hide,/ but I can try

if all I need is not in sight. Perhaps I will leave a clue or you can look

beneath the surface/ [artists underestimate…]/ bed time & dinner time…/ time WOUNDS ALL HEELS, ALL/ “Alas,” they all seemed to say together./

To come together, to love each other/ WITH OR WITHOUT knowing which/

one do you think is the right way to do it/

is a THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts about the Jester./ The

wise fool can be forgiven/

for anything unless trying to be horrible,/ since intention matters more than outcome/

of NYS public state exams, or portfolio standards,/ and rising dental costs/ prohibit people from

smiling at strangers.