Turning into Healing Meditations

| May 4, 2011

Hello I am a psychotherapist/ analyst who works in French & English and is interested in culturally-based “playful” exchanges in therapy. I have an adolescent client who is deeply engrossed in Japanese anime, post-apocalyptic stories, and, lately, suicide cults which turn into healing meditations…. How we skate between these poles of deep protest/ deep commitment, through the lens of the Asian comic, and his own drawing, represents a \”holding\” space for him…. So I guess I see that the outer spaces of play, which some of you are involved in designing, preserving, or exploring, can be parallel to this more intimate play space between certain clients and me in the clinical hour. Esp.for adolescents, who do not have a way of saying why they are angry, uncomfortable, \”mal dans leur peau\”, this medium of playful suspense within stories helps many of them express their frustration with existence, while I am panting to keep up, which they like….:-)