Interaction ☆

| March 14, 2011

When we first started dreaming up this conference – I recall going for a run and riffing on the “con” in conference, and thinking about how it would be a gathering not only of concept and content but also of construct, as in constructing. And that creativity doesn’t come out of thin air, rather from ideas in conversation, converging, conceived in conjoined contemplation – but never in isolation. Finally, (I was saying to myself) by placing the emphasis in ‘conference’ on the ‘confer’, as in ‘convergence’, we’d and that’s exactly what we’re after. A confer-ence, a conversation, bringing together educators, artists, dreamers, to confer, converse, imagine and play together.

And so, here we are, less than a year from that bit of play, and with the launch of this “meta-site” we have a means of ethereal interaction in place, and ready to get the conversation started.

Looking forward,