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Smiling at Strangers- Exquisite Corpse @ Gameshow 

Many of you expressed interest in seeing the results of playing Exquisite Corpse, the collaborative sequential narrative game at Gameshow NYC. It's posted here, with my appreciation to all who participated in its creation. (The  Exquisite Corpse created by participants at my session on 'The Jester's Guide to Creative Seeing' can be seen at the …

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Jester’s ‘Exquisite Corpse’ Collaboration 

Great to see so many of you participating in the session on Jesters and creative see(k)ing. Copied below is your amazing collaborative discourse that both IS-- and is about-- play, ambiguity, uncertainty, and risk-taking beyond the 'frame.' Jester’s Exquisite Corpse* 5/26/11 (*Note: a forward slash indicates the beginning of a new player’s contribution.) The creative …

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Haiku and Comics – Constraints and the Creative Process 

All - a little bit about the presentation by me, Nick Sousanis and Michele Root-Bernstein of Michigan State University – co-presenter; along with Patricia D. Stokes, Barnard College, Columbia University – moderator. Presenters will engage in a moderated discussion concerning the resonance and intersection of the creative process in haiku and comics and how introducing constraints opens space …

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